why the right one makes all the difference for your photos

First and foremost, this is your decision and by all means, book whoever you'd like!!!!

The reason I have this page here is because I'm assuming you haven't planned a ton of weddings and just like photography, videography options are full of "buzz" words.  Most videography relies on posing, note reading, and staging events, regardless of however "Documentary" they say the coverage is.  No big deal unless you booked me specifically for my photojournalistic coverage so you wouldn't have to be posed, staged, and directed all day.  If you booked me for that reason, it can affect how many photos you receive if you book a videographer who relies a lot on staging moments.  For example, if we are both there for 2hrs of prep, and 30-60 minutes of that time is being staged for video, than thats 30-60 minutes that I won't be able to capture the real moments you booked me for and thus fewer final photos.

Another example would be a first look with a parent or a MOH/family member lacing up your dress.  I never stage these, they are such important moments of the wedding day and I always want them to be organic so that the photos you get back from these moments are truly genuine and real.  Most photo/video folks though stage and direct every minute of these moments.  Which to me, changes the whole vibe of the final images/video as it was more of a production than a moment.  If that doesn't matter to you though, no problem!!!!  Book whoever you want, I'm happy to work with them!  Just be aware that photographs from these moments could be staged photos instead of what you see in my portfolio.

Again, I want to emphasize, this is not a huge deal if you have a videographer you absolutely love and you aren't worried about being staged/posed more during the day.  It's just something I like to make couples aware of as they move through the planning process and inform you how it can end up in fewer photos received.  Nothing drastic though.

If maximizing the amount of real moment/genuine photos you receive is a priority and you don't want video to take away from your photo gallery.  I do have some videographers I cannot recommend enough!  I do not receive anything in return if you book any of them.  I only recommend them because they deliver top quality video coverage while still allowing me to deliver you the top quality photos that you booked me for. Why? Because they don't need to stage anything to deliver what you see in their reels :).

I try to cover a wide range of budgets here and if you reach out to any of them for your video needs, make sure to let them know you're working with me.  They will know exactly what style of coverage you are looking for :).

Atomic Tangerine film Co

Be Films Wedding Cinema

Seth Umbenhauer Cinematography

Noah Fest Weddings

Flagship Studios

Pair of hearts

If you have any questions at all about the videographers above or video coverage in general, don't hesitate to reach out to JD!