Way back when, during those formative high school days, I wanted to become a sports photographer.  Life had other plans though and I ended up in the Navy for 6 years working in a nuclear propulsion plant on a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier.  I got out of the Navy in 2007 and went to work in the industrial world until fate led me back to photography.  I ended up helping out a local church have a wedding for a military family that couldn't afford it.  That was the first wedding I photographed.  That was back in January of 2011, after that things snowballed a bit and here we are now.  I'm so grateful for every couple I have had the privilege to photograph up to this point in my career.  Each and every couple's story was unique and amazing in it's own way and they were all so much fun to capture!  It took me a decade to find my way back to photography after I graduated high school but I learned a lot over those years and apparently everything does work out in the end!