Philadelphia wedding at the Morris House Hotel

Morris House Wedding | Jeff & Reid

Jeff and Reid had a Morris House Wedding in Philadelphia, Pa that was everything you could hope a spring wedding could be.  They are also one of those couples who just light up the room when they enter.  There is something about seeing a couple together when they are a perfect pair, that is these two.

Their Morris House wedding represented them perfectly.  They only live a few blocks away from the Morris House Hotel so this is the part of the city where they spend a lot of their time.  This was also a day where I was the only photographer.  There was no second photographer.  Days when there are no videographers and it’s just me as the only photographer, I actually love so much!  It allows me to really blend in with everyone.  Since there is only one person roaming around taking photos.  Guests have an easier time forgetting about me.  It allows me to capture candid and truly genuine moments that I might not be able to with multiple people and cameras moving around.

If you’ve never seen the Morris House Hotel courtyard you need to check it out the next time you are in that part of Philadelphia.  It is truly perfection.  As you can see in the photos the Morris House Hotel fit Jeff and Reid’s wedding plans to a T.  The ambiance, the love, the light, the garden, it all just came together.  It also helps having a close friend that is a renowned pastry chef….  but that is a whole other story for a different day.

The end of the night Jeff and Reid decided to do a sparkler last dance instead of a sparkler exit.  I wasn’t quite prepared for the speed at which they ended up dancing.  For some reason I assumed it would be a relatively slow dance vs an all out celebration dance.  A few quick adjustments though and I was able to capture the final photo below.  I love that photo to this day as it is a truly genuine moment.  I had nothing to do with creating the photo besides clicking the shutter.  The joy you feel in the photo is because it is a real moment that Jeff and Reid shared.  A real moment that brought the Morris House wedding celebration to a close.  A real moment to start the next stages of their lives together.

Junebug Best of the Best Weddings

I was also honored that the final photo was awarded as one of the Best of the Best Weddings – Junebug.


special moment between Jeff and Reid before the ceremony at Morris House Hotel in Philadelphia, Pa

A quite moment between Jeff and Reid in the Morris House Library during their wedding day.

Morris House WeddingMorris House Hotel Wedding

Morris House Wedding

End of the night celebration at the Morris House in Philadelphia, Pa