Portrait of same sex couple during their wedding at the Bok Building

Bok Building Philadelphia Wedding

TJ & Evan’s vision for their Bok Building Wedding in Philadelphia was truly something spectacular.  From the little moments to incorporate their guests during the ceremony to the pure Philadelphia vibes you get from the Bok Building.  Not to mention all the personal touches the two of them added to the day.  They also had some of the best food I’ve ever had at a wedding and just represented the Philadelphia food scene so perfectly!

The day started at the old classrooms the Bok building sets up for couples to get ready.  As we were tossing around ideas for where to do family and wedding party photos, TJ & Evan mentioned just how much they loved the old school vibes at the Bok Building.  So didn’t take much consideration on my part to lean into that during the formal photos.  Hopefully that shows below.

The ceremony was in a super cool Bok old school auditorium, literally an old school.  I’ll admit that it wasn’t the easiest lighting situation on my end but we got it dialed in just in time to make some really epic photos of their Bok Building wedding ceremony.

The reception, oh boy the reception, was hands down one of my favorite receptions I’ve ever photographed.  From the Bok Building vibes, the disco balls everywhere, the Philadelphia Caricature artist, the epic food, and a dance floor that was just non stop fun!  It was truly a night to remember.

In the end I couldn’t be happier for TJ & Evan.  You could tell just how much planning and design they did themselves to make their Bok Building wedding come together and it truly paid off.  Their guests had an amazing time only to be beat by how perfect the night was for TJ & Evan.

I hope you enjoy the Bok Building Philadelphia wedding photos below and can feel just how perfect of day it was from start to finish!

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