Art Factory Wedding Portraits in Paterson NJ photographed by Salt & Sonder Studio

Art Factory Wedding – Paterson, NJ

So what do I do when I photograph two Art Factory weddings up in Paterson NJ within 6 months of each other? And I love both of them? I just combine them into one Art Factory Wedding blog post I guess!

It’s so neat to me that you can two weddings at the Art Factory and they can look so different. Part of it is how cool the venue is. The other part is that my style is based entirely around the couple and their story for that day. There are no set amount of portraits done for each wedding. Instead, it’s just based on what the couple wants to do. After that I’m just there to tell the story that I see unfolding in front of me.

Needless to say, both of these stories were epic! Also both put a big priority on having a saxophone player perform, interesting. The first slideshow was the end of 2021 while the second was early 2022. I hope you enjoy these Art Factory weddings!

Nicole & Joyce


John & Chelsea