Wedding Albums

And why I think they matter

Wedding albums are completely optional.  They are not forced on you two in every collection but they can be added for those who really want one.  This page will hopefully help you decide if they are right for you.

So if I think wedding albums matter so much, why don't I include them in every collection?  Well to give you options for all budgets and I also get that not everyone wants a wedding album.  But I really do think they are a wonderful investment and especially if you're working with me.  Why specifically if you're working with me?  Because we aren't taking 500 variations of very similar portraits with some standard ceremony and reception "candids" mixed in.  No, my goal is tell a story through all of your photographs.  A story tied together by the real and genuine moments that are captured throughout your day.  Because of this, the way the stories come together and flow through an album is what I've found to be the absolute best way to share memories from the wedding days I capture.  Can your photos stand alone as single images? Absolutely!  I always strive to create single photographs that tell an entire story within them.  But when you can add multiple of those images together and let them flow through the pages of an album, it really is something beautiful that you can share and enjoy for generations to come!

Album Quality


I can VERY confidently say these are the best quality albums I have ever seen or laid my hands on.  These don't bow, they truly lay flat, you can 100% feel the quality in the weight the second you pick it up, and they use only the highest quality leather and linen materials with the leathers being imported from Italy. 

They are printed across the highest quality photographic paper using archival quality inks to ensure these will last for generations.

Pre 2020, when I used to have in person meetings in my old office, couples reactions were always the same.  They would pick up the album and immediately go "whoa" before even opening it.  

Why do I only offer the highest quality albums on the market?  It's very simple, I want to make sure that anyone who gets to see your wedding album is jealous of not just the story told through photographs, but the insane quality of the album itself :).

Wedding albums start at $1600 with a discount available at booking.  For more information reach out to JD.