Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some FAQ's, I cover a lot but if I missed anything just send over an email and I'll be happy to answer anything I didn't cover!

+ Will we work with JD on our wedding?

Yes, JD is the primary photographer for all of Salt & Sonder Studio's weddings.

+ What do all the collections cost?

I don't have any pre-made collections. Since every wedding is unique I will build a collection that fits exactly what you two need for your wedding day. Most couples end up with a final custom collection between $4800-$6800.

+ What is your style of photography?

I'm what can be considered a true photojournalist. I'm sure you've seen that word used on a lot of photography websites but while you've been on this site you've hopefully noticed a whole lot of genuinely candid photos. All of those photos are exactly that, they are genuine, I had nothing to do with any candid photos you see here besides being in the right spot to take the photo. Of course we will work together leading up to the day to allot time for family formals and epic portraits, but outside of that timeframe you won't even know I'm there. This style hopefully gives you two a collection of photographs that tell the ACTUAL story of your day and not a fake story created by your photographer telling you what to do every couple of minutes all day long.

+ How do we book you?

Once we create a collection for you two their is a 30% retainer fee that is non refundable and a contract that will reserve your wedding date.

+ Do you have insurance?

Yes, Salt & Sonder Studio is fully insured and I can provide a certificate if your venue requires one.

+ Do you offer Videography?

I do not offer videography but I do have a few I highly recommend and provide their information to all couples that book with me.

+ Do you offer wedding albums?

YES!!!! I love the albums I offer and do my best to make sure every single couple I work with ends up with a stunning album to show off in their home!

+ What are some of the epic portraits in Yosemite & Death Valley?

These are from adventure sessions, these sessions start at $2800 and can be done for post wedding sessions, elopements, or engagement sessions.

+ Do you offer engagement sessions

Yes! I offer Sonder Sessions which is what I'm all about. Sonder sessions are completely separate from the wedding because let's face it, there are a lot of opinions about your wedding. So a Sonder session is about the two of you and life you share together now. The goal is to create some photos that truly represent you two that you can hang on your wall and cherish for decades to come!

+ What equipment do you use?

I'm currently using Sony A9's as my primary camera bodies along with a Nikon D850 for portraiture work. The A9 cameras no longer make any noise at all, they are completely silent. This helps with keeping people from becoming camera aware and allowing me to capture some truly genuine moments! I also have enough backups to photograph and entire 2nd wedding at the same time so no worries there.