True Wedding Photojournalism SO MUCH MORE THAN A BUZZ WORD “CLICK HERE” TO JUMP STRAIGHT TO SAMPLE PHOTOS AND THE STORIES BEHIND THEM Photojournalistic & Documentary are probably the most overused “buzz words” in the wedding photography industry.  Especially in the Philadelphia area.  At some point, everyone thought they needed to be a photojournalistic/documentary/candid photographer […]

Truly one of a kind heirloom Wedding Albums Our wedding albums are truly out of this world!  This will be your first family heirloom and therefore should be this epic.  For me personally, the album is the most valuable part of any wedding collection.  That is why 90% of my couples have a wedding album […]

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage – Do you need it? Hiring your photographer for rehearsal dinner coverage is something that is often overlooked.  Do you need it though?  That really depends on the two of you.  The rehearsal dinner is full of the same emotions and moments associated with the wedding day.  Just without the wedding dress […]

Which Philadelphia Wedding Venues are the Best? This is such a tough question and one I’m asked almost daily, “What are the best wedding venues in Philadelphia?”.  Well the answer isn’t an easy one because there are so many amazing wedding venues in Philly and in the surrounding suburbs.  Also, every couple has a different […]

Unplugged Weddings – The Good & Bad   Should we have an Unplugged Wedding? The topic of unplugged weddings is coming up more and more these days as couples plan their wedding days.  Do I personally love an unplugged wedding, 100%.  Do I think you should have an unplugged wedding?  Well that’s where it gets […]

Figuring out the perfect timeline for your wedding day can seem like a daunting task at first.  It can become a bit easier though when you break down each part of the day and decide what’s really important to the two of you!   Truly Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Takes Time Before we jump into timing, […]