Windrift Wedding Avalon, New Jersey | Matt & Bridget

May 5, 2018

Matt and Bridget’s Windrift wedding in Avalon, New Jersey was one of the best times I’ve had at a weddings.  To give an example of why.  When Matt & Bridget picked May 5th, 2018 for their wedding date they had to get the ok from Bridget’s parents.  They needed the ok because it was Kentucky Derby day!  In Bridget’s household Derby day means an epic derby party complete with wild and outrageous hats.  The Windrift ended up being the venue of choice for the wedding because they were all about catering to an epic derby party on top of the epic wedding party!

My favorite photo from Matt & Bridget’s Windrift Wedding

To be honest, with my future couples reading this, there aren’t a lot of quite moments that couples get to have together on their wedding day.  During the time I spend getting to know you two and what really matters to you two about the wedding day.  We will have a conversation about what you are, and aren’t, ok with me being around for.  Including how much access you’re willing to give me to those truly precious, quite moments. During Matt & Bridget’s Windrift Wedding we had gotten along so well leading up to the wedding day that they were happy to give me access to all of those moments.  Which led to my favorite photograph from their Windrift Wedding day.

After the ceremony we stopped of for portraits at Avalon Bay Park Marina.  We did some celebrating with champagne as well before heading to the Windrift.  By the time we made it to the Windrift Matt and Bridget had been through getting ready, a beautiful ceremony at St. Paul’s in Stone Harbor, Family Formals, and portraits.  That’s a lot of for a couple on a wedding day.  Let alone that when we made it to the Windrift there was a random bag already in the room they checked in to.  The Windrift being as awesome as they are, promptly upgraded Matt & Bridget.  So be the time we got to the new, and final, room.  Matt & Bridget couldn’t wait for their 30 minutes of R&R.

They walked into the room and Bridget immediately kicked off her heels.  They both plopped own on the couch and threw their feet up and shared a “we did it!” smile with each other.  It is my favorite photo for a few reason.  It shows Matt & Bridget being Matt & Bridget.  During our talks leading up to the day I had come to discover that Matt was quite the fashion connoisseur as well.  So this photo shows that off in a very subtle way that also compliments the fact Bridget couldn’t wait to get out of her heels.  Lastly, is a purely photographer reason, the light!  Oh that light that was coming in through their window.  It just gave the photo that perfect touch it needed to really show off the moment.

Their were dozens of other moments and photos that were deserving of being favorites from their Windrift wedding day.  Bridget’s Dad and his bowtie struggles, the epic Kentucky Derby race, or the numerous champagne celebrations, Bridget’s mom and the parody song she wrote and performed as a surprise, and of course, Bridget’s pure joy when she finally got to put on her wedding dress.  In the end, this photo just stuck with me.  I loved it when I took it, I loved it when I edited it, and I love it now!  It a photograph that perfectly represents how amazing, and needed, those quite moments are for the couple throughout their wedding day.

I hope you enjoy all the photos from Matt & Bridget’s Windrift wedding!!!

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Windrift Wedding

My favorite moment from Matt and Bridget’s Windrift Wedding!

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