Glen Foerd Mansion Wedding

Glen Foerd Mansion Wedding

Nov 5, 2017

Aaron & Chelsea’s Glen Foerd Mansion Wedding was stunning.  It seemed like the day was just moment, after moment, after moment.  Which for a photographer who bases his style around moments…..  Well, it was a dream day for me at Glen Foerd.  The wedding day started at the Mansion where Aaron and Chelsea would have the ceremony and reception.  And the bridal suite at Glen Foerd Mansion is something to behold.  It feels like you step back in time when you are in there.  Couple that with the excitement from Chelsea, her Bridesmaids, and Parents and it was one great morning!

The wedding ceremony took place inside the Glen Foerd Mansion and one of my favorite photos from the day took place just before.  As the Bridesmaids where heading into the ceremony one at a time.  Chelsea and her dad remained in the Glen Foerd bridal suite.  They were waiting to be told they could come out by the bridal attendant and when she left to check on the bridesmaid progress, her and her dad had such an amazing moment together.  That moment Brides and their Dad’s so often have seconds before walking down the aisle.

It’s what I love about wedding photography.  Having the ability to capture these special and sometimes personal moments for my couples.  It’s the moments I know that they will truly cherish when the wedding day is long in the past.  Moments that they will share with their children and grandchildren.  It is such an honor to be able to capture photographs like that and something I will never ever tire of.  I also find it very important to give these moments context.  That is why so often I will step back.  It gives the subjects room to not feel suffocated by a camera, and it gives me room to tell a story with a single photo.

I hope you enjoy Aaron & Chelsea’s amazing Glen Foerd Mansion Wedding below.

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